We understand the biggest challenge you face today is how to reduce costs while improving outcomes.

And because every acute care facility has different strengths and weaknesses, various challenges and success stories, and unanticipated turns in the road, we develop a tailored program for each member. Why do so many acute care facilities choose Capstone?

  • Maximize your Premier relationship by accessing higher tiers on hundreds of Premier agreements
  • Take advantage of the power of collaborative purchasing while maintaining your purchasing autonomy
  • Benefit from Capstone resources who can assist in financial analyses, cross reference information, and clinical documentation
  • Add supply-chain support, education, and best-practice participation to often-ignored departments with high spend, including Pharmacy, Lab, and Food Service
  • Share ideas with competing hospitals in a non-competitive environment
Capstone has enabled us to purchase medical/surgical supplies, capital equipment and support services through contracts that larger facilities can better afford. And the daily support with account assigned representatives allows us to address vendor issues, supply needs, and contract assistance quickly and efficiently.

Betty Lou Watson, Materials Management Director
Granville Health System

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