About Us

Capstone Health Alliance is a regional group purchasing alliance of healthcare members that delivers real cost savings through the power of aggregation and collaboration.

Capstone represents over $9.0 billion in acute care supply chain spend. To create the best savings opportunities for our members, we pair Premier’s national portfolio with our local aggregation model – blending the best of national and regional contracting – to continually expand our extensive portfolio of more than 750 preferred pricing agreements.

Capstone delivers quantifiable savings and actionable data that enable better supply chain decisions for our member facilities.  In addition to cost savings initiatives, Capstone members collaborate to share best practices and pursue resource utilization initiatives, all with the intent of improving cost, quality and outcomes in patient care.

Fast Facts:

  • We are one of the largest alliances in the country
  • Since 2013, our total member implemented savings impact exceeds $223.5 million
  • Our combined Membership Bed Size count is over 37,000
  • We have a National GPO Volume greater than $6.0 billion
  • Our Total Supply Spend is greater than $9.0 billion


Our Mission

Capstone delivers continuous value to its members through aggregation, collaboration, and innovation.

Our Vision

Engage a growing, thriving membership to reach top quartile performance in cost and quality.

Our Values

“ELEVATE”– Rising to the Top


– Excellence
– CoLlaboration
– REspect
– InnoVation
– Agility
– InTegrity
– MembEr-Driven


Our History

Established in 2013, Capstone Health Alliance is affiliated with WNC Health Network. WNC Health Network, a 501(c)3 corporation, was created in 1995 by a group of dedicated hospital leaders to identify ways to collaborate and reduce cost among the region’s hospitals. Initially, members included 15 hospitals in western North Carolina. Membership grew over the years to 89 health systems representing 159 hospitals in thirteen states.

As the group purchasing program of WNC Health Network grew, it became apparent that a separate organization to increase member representation and focus on related goals would add benefit. Capstone Health Alliance was created to meet that need and focus on a more diverse membership.

Programs of WNC Health Network in western North Carolina include a regional health information exchange (WNC Data Link) and programs related to quality improvement and population health. Other healthcare partners, along with hospital members, are engaged to fulfill the organization’s mission and vision.

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As a Premier owner and partner, Capstone brings savings and value while still focusing on high quality care. Our unique method of interwoven collaboration allows us to leverage the significant volume of Premier Health in influencing cost savings – while also supporting the highest quality of clinical care.

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