Member Benefits

The Value of Membership

Capstone Health Alliance offers Members access to contracts with exclusive pricing, healthcare supply chain support, supply chain analytics, comprehensive supply chain education, and best-in-class networking opportunities with other hospital systems and healthcare providers. Our goal is to drive down the cost of healthcare. Period.

Capstone is built on Four Key Pillars and everything we do for our Members is based on those foundational principles.


Contracting Strategy

With the collective purchasing power of our Members, Capstone contracting agents negotiate deep discounts, favorable terms, and priority service from an expanding array of vendors, allowing you to confidently work with the highest caliber Suppliers, knowing you have saved your company both time and money.

PPI & Clinical Services

Combining Value Analysis and Strategic Sourcing helps providers and supply chain professionals to select products and services based on the best value for the organization and its patients.

Capstone Select

We strive to drive best in class pricing for all Capstone Members, and if you can commit to our loyal Select Suppliers, your savings will multiply!

Strategic Stockpile

Through Capone Strategic Stockpile, Capstone Members can keep inventory on hand and get it shipped as needed, without warehousing expense.

Price Activation

We recognize the significant administrative burden around contract implementation, pricing implementation, and contract cycle management, which is why Capstone supports the healthcare supply chain with streamlined pricing implementation processes.


Exclusive Educational Opportunities

Capstone provides exclusive access to the Capstone Learning Academy, Capstone Leadership Institute, and Capstone Training Track, all at no additional costs to our Members.

Capstone Leadership Institute

The Capstone Leadership Institute program is designed to empower and expand the knowledge of current and future leaders for advancing healthcare. The program encompasses 20+ courses developed by industry experts that offer coursework in Hospital Operations, Finance & Business Law, Professional Development and Leadership.

Capstone Learning Academy

The Capstone Learning Academy contains over 45 modules for individuals new to the hospital supply chain or more seasoned individuals looking for a refresher course. The Academy is also a resourceful tool for educating and onboarding new company employees.

Training Track

The Capstone Training Track provides educational sessions led by Capstone Supplier Partners offering the latest topics on Supply Chain, Lab, Pharmacy, Value Analysis, Surgical Services.


Committees & Councils

Committees and Councils, and even our Work Groups are facilitated by the Capstone Team to bring you more Member Value. Committee and Council members drive the Capstone Health Alliance strategy and direction alongside our executive team.

Job Board

Complimentary Job Board postings, exclusively for Capstone Members, on the Capstone Career Connector hosted on Capstone’s website.

Member Media

As a Member-centered organization, Capstone collaborates with Members, Suppliers, and Industry Leaders to celebrate news and accomplishments across our Membership.

Capstone Forum & Events

The Capstone Forum is exclusively produced for Capstone Members and Suppliers and is held annually in October. Members also receive invitations to participate in Capstone’s Virtual Forum series, industry expert presentations and collaborative meetings, and many educational events presented by Capstone throughout the year.


Account Management

Our Capstone Team consists of seasoned healthcare supply chain professionals with the ability to focus on key challenges within existing processes, as well as advise on improvements and solutions to create efficiency and drive cost reduction throughout your care delivery system.

Supplier Relations

Our expert sourcing team works with the Supplier community to ensure supply assurance, cost reduction, cost avoidance, and hard dollar savings on products and services that are innovative, efficient, and beneficial to the Capstone Membership.

Industry Expertise

Capstone Health Alliance is proud to represent our Membership throughout the healthcare supply chain industries in numerous healthcare collaboratives, professional associations, and industry societies. We advocate on behalf of all Capstone Members and healthcare providers, on national healthcare issues and policies.

Business Analytics

Capstone can assist in providing unique reports and data analytics to empower healthcare provider organizations insight into new savings opportunities in sourcing and supply chain strategies.

A Sample of Available Products and Services

Capstone is dedicated to driving down the cost of healthcare. We aim to negotiate agreements across the needs of healthcare providers.

Med-Surg & Lab Supplies & Services

From basic bandages to orthopedic implants and everything in between, Capstone contracts combine the spend of thousands of Members across the country to bring you the best pricing on medical supplies and services across a broad spectrum of categories.

Pharmaceuticals & Vaccines

With over 2,100 NDCs on contract, Capstone is proud to drive over $39M in Savings & Value on pharmaceutical products and services to Capstone Members annually (2023). With an on-staff pharmacist, Capstone Members gain greater insight into the value of the Capstone and Premier Pharmacy Portfolio.

Administrative Services

Most of the services and supplies you need to run an efficient healthcare provider establishment are sourced by our seasoned healthcare supply chain sourcing experts. Capstone Health Alliance offers diverse solutions including savings on office supplies, shipping, IT and technology products/services, credit card processing, payroll services, batteries, vending machines, advertising services, background check services, and more.

Food Services

Through our national GPO partner, Premier, Inc. Capstone offers an exclusive foodservice distribution relationship with USFoods that can provide Members exceptional savings. Capstone also offers discounts on additional items in this category such as emergency water, food products, restaurant equipment, packaging, and refrigeration.

Facility Management

Capstone offers discounts on construction, janitorial services, uniforms, pest removal services, moving services, print management, parking services, snow removal, and more. Our goal is to drive down the cost of operating your healthcare facility with innovative and cost-efficient solutions.

There's No Time To Wait

Ready to Join the Alliance?

Capstone represents over $9.2 billion in supply chain spending with our national GPO partner, Premier.  Capstone is recognized as the Largest Regional Aggregation Group by Definitive Healthcare and was Named the Largest Regional GPO by the Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

There's No Time To Wait

Ready to Join the Alliance?

Capstone represents over $9.2 billion in supply chain spending with our national GPO partner, Premier.  Capstone is recognized as the Largest Regional Aggregation Group by Definitive Healthcare and was Named the Largest Regional GPO by the Journal of Healthcare Contracting.