Capstone Select & PPI

Capstone Select PPI is a unique collaboration between Physicians, Supply Chain, Capstone, and Supplier Partners in the PPI space. Members establish strong partnerships with Supplier partners who understand and support purchasing decisions, from acquisition through distribution, to contain costs while improving quality.

Capstone Select PPI

The Capstone Select PPI program combines category expertise, data review, and technology to improve conversations and provide clinical supply chain performance for long-term stability.

Capstone Select PPI is designed to provide a path to the best value based on compliance and commitment, therefore eliminating the need for local agreements and Members having to do their own negotiating.

Contracts will be available to all Members when they opt-in and sign an LOC.

Capstone Select is a Capstone strategic contracting initiative designed to provide additional value and flexibility for both Members and Suppliers. For Capstone Select, our goal this year is to work with all suppliers on the option of committed and non-committed pricing with safety stock and/or price guarantee and firm pricing for the term of the agreement. Suppliers are asked to provide committed pricing, non-committed pricing, and/or safety stock options.

How Does a Capstone Member Take Advantage of Capstone Select?

Capstone Select is an opt-in by contract program, allowing Members to participate in contracts that are beneficial to them. As Capstone Select agreements are launched, Members may choose to participate in committed pricing, non-committed pricing, or may choose not to participate.

For information on how to participate in the Capstone Select, or the Capstone Select PPI Program, fill out the short form below or contact your Region Manager.