Why Become a Capstone Supplier?

We Can Accomplish Great Things Together

Capstone Members need access to quality products and services, clear and resilient sourcing, and expert supply chain management. Become a Capstone Supplier Partner and unlock the potential to reach thousands of new customers through our Membership.

We work together to not only meet, but exceed, the needs of our Members while achieving your business goals, amplifying your brand’s presence, and maximizing your impact across the healthcare marketplace.

Supplier Benefits

Dedicated Support Team

Our Contract Managers help navigate contract negotiations and to communicate your contract value. The Contract Managers provide dedicated support in solving any challenges and answering any questions that arise.

Member Communications

Our Contracting Team sends weekly newsletters to our Members with contracting updates and notices, and offers monthly webinars and opportunities for Supplier presentations.

Co-Branded Resources

Contract summary sheets are co-branded and provided to Members. These co-branded promotional flyers can be created together to promote unique offerings.

Media Support

Capstone highlights Suppliers upon joining the contract portfolio and will support the partnership through our social media channels and partnered press releases.

Partnered Member Reporting

Our team works with you, our Supplier Partners, to cross reference data we can share with our Members, demonstrating key savings on conversions and the full benefits of contract utilization.

Supplier Education

The Capstone Classroom for Suppliers is available to all Capstone Suppliers at no additional cost. This educational resource provides our Suppliers with an opportunity to learn more about our Member’s supply chain needs.

Supplier Events

The Capstone Forum is an exclusive three-day event that brings together Capstone Members and Suppliers to foster deeper connections through knowledge-sharing, a Supplier Showcase, and exclusive networking events. Visit our event calendar for more information on all upcoming events and conferences.

Our Contracting Process

Capstone aims to bring continuous value and savings to our Members through national partner contracts and exclusive local agreements with industry-leading Suppliers.

All contracts are negotiated based on the needs of our Members and decisions are made through our Contract Oversight Council. The Council analyzes Supplier data and the contract category to determine the contract’s eligibility.

Ready to Become a Capstone Supplier?