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Providing Value & Savings to Our Members Through Strategic Collaboration

Capstone Health Alliance has a proven track record of delivering value and savings to our Members through strategic partnerships with leading Suppliers. Together with these Powered Partners, we provide innovative solutions to all Capstone Members.

Capstone EVR powered by Mazree

Capstone Health Alliance and Mazree developed a pivotal partnership to enhance equipment value recovery (EVR) capabilities and provide advanced asset management to our Members.

The partnership includes streamlined asset management, enhanced financial returns, elevated environmental responsibility, and advanced software with transparent reporting. By leveraging Mazree’s expert asset disposition services, our Members can efficiently manage surplus or retired medical equipment and optimize resource utilization and space management.

Through Mazree’s targeted approach and extensive network, Members can unlock the total value of their surplus equipment, providing an additional revenue stream that can be strategically reinvested in the healthcare ecosystem.

About Mazree

Mazree is a leader in medical equipment disposition services, providing an advanced auction platform that maximizes the value of surplus and retired medical equipment for healthcare facilities. With a commitment to innovation and efficiency, Mazree transforms the industry by providing a seamless and value-driven experience.

To learn more about how Capstone EVR can benefit you, use the button below to contact Mazree’s Erin Peck and copy your Capstone Regional Manager.

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Capstone represents over $9.2 billion in supply chain spending with our national GPO partner, Premier, Inc.  Capstone is recognized as the Largest Regional Aggregation Group by Definitive Healthcare and was Named the Largest Regional GPO by the Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

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