Capstone Councils & Committees

Collaboration is Key to Collective Success

Member-led councils and committees ensure that Capstone is investing resources in projects that provide the most value to their Membership.

Capstone Councils

Capstone Councils provide guidance and direction on strategic priorities and key initiatives for maximum Membership impact to the Capstone Executive Team.

Capstone Councils aim to solve problems, focus the Executive Team on Member issues, and determine critical priorities for Capstone to address. Council participation is by invitation only.

– Supply Chain Leadership Council
– Contract Oversight Council
– Education Council
– Pharmacy Leadership Council
– Value Analysis Advisory Council
– Supplier Council
– Capstone Leadership Institute Council

Capstone Committees

Capstone Committees provide direction and contracting strategies following the Premier contract calendar. Capstone facilitates committees made up of Capstone Members and the Capstone Team.

Capstone Committees review contract opportunities, share best practices and successes, participate in education sessions, and analyze utilization opportunities.

All Capstone Member systems are encouraged to have participants on each committee below to maximize Membership benefits.

– Supply Chain Committee
– Pharmacy Committee
– Lab Committee
– Surgical Services Committee
– Value Analysis Committee

Interested in participating on a Member committee? Contact your Region Manager today!