youCompli and Capstone Health Alliance announce Landmark Partnership Agreement Regulatory Knowledge Sharing Platform Marks Capstone’s 1st Offering Into Legal and Compliance Area’s of Healthcare

Asheville, North Carolina, January 5, 2018 — Capstone Health Alliance is pleased to announce a new agreement with youCompli, the 1st-of-its-kind regulatory knowledge sharing software platform. youCompli provides access to an almost unlimited supply of compliance professionals all focused on making compliance more efficient and less expensive. Their system helps ensure Capstone members don’t waste time on regulations that don’t matter to them. The ones that do, are translated into business requirements (the specific activities that are required to comply). After validation by a nationally recognized law firm, the requirements are delivered in a workflow software Capstone members will then use to ensure the requirements are completed.

Capstone Vice President, Planning and Strategy, Jackie Dula, said, “Capstone is always searching for ways to drive more value to our members. youCompli not only solves a complex problem all our members have (regulatory compliance), but their business model is very unique, focusing on high value at very competitive cost.” Ms. Dula added, “we are excited to broadening the types of purchased services (to include compliance software) we provide to our members. Additionally, Capstone members that sign up before March 31st 2018 will benefit from significant early adopter discounts.”

youCompli Founder & CEO, Jerry Shafran, said, “Like all healthcare providers, Capstone members’ operating budgets are under pressure. Compliance departments are all being asked to do more with less”, he continued, “compliance professionals leveraging our platform will be able to much more effectively manage the challenges todays’ regulatory landscape offers, while decreasing their operating costs”.

About Capstone Health Alliance
Capstone Health Alliance is a regional group purchasing alliance of healthcare members that delivers real cost savings through the power of aggregation and collaboration. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Capstone represents over $7 billion in acute care supply chain spend. To create the best savings opportunities for our members, we pair Premier’s national portfolio with our local aggregation model – blending the best of national and regional contracting – to continually expand our extensive portfolio of more than 600 preferred pricing agreements. Capstone delivers quantifiable savings and actionable data that enable better supply chain decisions for our member facilities. In addition to cost savings initiatives, Capstone members collaborate to share best practices and pursue resource utilization initiatives, all with the intent of improving cost, quality, and outcomes in patient care.

About youCompli
youCompli is the 1st if-its-kind healthcare focused, regulatory knowledge sharing platform. The platform allows hospitals to streamline their compliance processes, mitigate their regulatory risk, and same time and money in the process. youCompli’s compliance experts translate new healthcare regulations into business requirement. After review by a nationally recognized law firm, the requirements are delivered to the healthcare provider in a software that helps them ensure the regulatory requirements are completed.

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